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***Purchase of a Wilkinson Acres CSA membership equals consent to the terms and conditions of this CSA Agreement.***



1st pick up: 7/28/23 (Friday) or 7/29/23 (Saturday)

Last pick up: 10/13/22 (Friday) or 10/14/22 (Saturday)

Farmer Responsibilities

- Grow the best seasonal certified organic fruits and veggies around!

- Provide a share of the season's crops to each membership each week of the designated season.  Additionally, CSA members will receive a weekly email with recipe ideas and news from the farm to go along with your box.

- Make shares available for pick up once a week for the duration of the season.​See below for pickup location options.

- Purchase of CSA Membership acknowledges your understanding that farming is unpredictable - while it is not something we anticipate happening, CSA shares may be effected by crop failure or reduced availability. Notification of major changes in crop/share availability will be communicated to members as soon as possible via email. 

Member Responsibilities

- Members will receive an email a few weeks prior to the start of the CSA.  Please respond and indicate your preferred pick up location.  NOTE: You will be asked to commit to that pick up location for the duration of the CSA.  Default pick up location is at Wilkinson Acres farm stand on Saturdays.


-Pick up weekly shares at one of the following locations:


1PM - 6PM

Green Valley Pickup

Specific address information will be provided after purchase, if you choose to pick up here.  Pick up is located near the intersection of Green Valley Rd and Rockville Rd

2PM - 5PM

Wilkinson Acres farm stand (in the courtyard of Village 360)


9AM - 1PM 

Wilkinson Acres Farm Stand  (in the courtyard of Village 360)

*All shares will be distributed in single use, recyclable paper bags.  We are unfortuantely not able to recycle the bags once they go home with you, but they are completely recyclable. 

- Notify Wilkinson Acres at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to pick up your box (emergencies only).  We will do our very best to work with you and get your share to you.  Please note that this is for emergencies only - we cannot accommodate personal pick up times at this time.

- Give us feedback!  Your membership and participation in the farm helps make us better farmers.  We encourage constructive dialogue between members and farmers. 

Split Payments:

- Members have the option to pay for their CSA share in two installments.  Payment for each installment must be made by 7/24/23 and 9/4/23 to ensure uninterrupted distribution of shares.


- No refunds after purchase.  Refunds are not available for missed pickups or unclaimed shares.

- Unclaimed shares will be donated.


- Boxes are carefully curated by us each week - we are not able to offer customizations or substitutions at this time.

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