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1st-Generation Farmers Looking to Make A Difference in Local Agriculture

Founded with the belief that farming should support our community and our planet, Wilkinson Acres was born of our desire to pursue a lifestyle we are passionate about, while teaching others about the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

As first generation farmers, we both came from different careers (Mike was a building engineer and Courtney a high school teacher/office administrator), but we decided to say goodbye to our day jobs to follow our dream of having our own farm.  

Initially, we wanted to start an urban farm in the city where we purchased our first home, Vallejo, CA, but due to city regulations, that quickly became an improbable task.  Refusing to give up on our dream, we found a plot of land in the beautiful Suisun Valley that had previously been a certified organic fruit and veggie farm and leased it as quick as we could.

With the help of the internet, our friends, and a lot of hard work and lessons learned, we created Wilkinson Acres.  Over the past three years, we've had to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we've also gained some of the best opportunities for our community and business.  2020 saw the start of our Saturday on site farm stand and the implementation of our first Community Supported Agriculture season.   We're so grateful to still be here, serving our community.

2022 brought us another curve ball - due to our lease ending at the Gordon Valley site, we found ourselves looking for a new home for the farm.  Luckily, our neighbors over at Village 360 had a perfect spot for us to set up!  We've even been able to stay certified organic at the new site.  Hooray!

Follow us on social media to watch us build a new farm (again). @WilkinsonAcres on all the socials.


Baby Farmer Olive joined the team in February 2022.  She's currently our best saleswoman and is looking to move to the weed abatement squad way too soon for her supervisors comfort!



  We currently farm on a couple of acres in the beautiful Suisun Valley.  We farm a variety of seasonal veggies, such as sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, kale, chard, radish, lettuce, turnips, beets, carrots, cucumbers, herbs, and strawberries.

  We use no-till farming practices to intensively grow our CCOF certified organic produce.  We believe in building up our soil organics to produce better vegetables, as well as to create a sustainable ecosystem that will continuously provide healthy food to our local community.

  We do things a little differently around here.  Our permanent beds are designed to eliminate the need for tilling.  Creating and maintaining these beds involves the addition of high quality compost and minimal-to-no soil tillage/disturbance. By creating a great soil environment, we encourage good bacteria to thrive.  Good bacteria in the soil = better fruits and veggies (and a much happier planet!).

  Our produce is available for the public at our weekly farm stand inside the courtyard of Village 360, as well as through our seasonal Community Supported Agriculture program.  Click here for details about our Spring 2023 CSA program.


  Providing healthy, organic produce to our community is important to us and we love the personal connections we build with each of our customers when they visit us on Saturday mornings.  Food brings us all together and we know you'll make great memories when eating our locally grown, sustainable fruits and veggies.

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